Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nak kulit cantik? nak kurus & sihat tubuh badan? Herbalife lah!

Welloo haii..

Kalau ada terdetik di hati nak turunkan berat badan, maka solution nya adalah Herbalife.
Nak kurangkan jerawat & sihatkan kulit, ingatlah Herbalife..
Bila setiap bulan ada masalah senggugut, atau period tak teratur.. migrain & segala penyakit lain silalah cuba Herbalife.. semua Herbalife kan!.. hehe.. because of the folowing reasons..

Herbalife Formula 1 is a soy based nutritious shake. Shake nutrisi lengkap untuk sel-sel badan manusia. 55 nutrients in just 1 cup of shake!! Lengkap mcm pyramid makanan.. Bare in mind that this shake contains micro nutrients, whereby once minum all the goodness in shake terus diresap / absorb oleh badan, particularly our body cells..
contoh la, kalau makan nasi atau buah oren ke badan kene lalui byk proses, into digestive system & pankreas kene keluarkan insulin for these carbs nak pecah2 kan lagi into simple & absorb-able unit.. etc..

ok, i bukan dietitian or pakar pemakanan to know all the scientific terms.. as long as it is understandable then it is good enough for me.. the fact that Herbalife F1 shake can support your body daily nutrients need.. =)
aahh! isn't that great! =D 

Mampu ke kita nak makan mcm2 setiap hari utk lengkapkan semua nutrisi yang diperlukan badan?? impossible.. no no no.. takkan mampu.. nak mudahkan kehidupan for breakfast we turn to Herbalife F1 shake... =D i just love the taste!!

Mudah sgt, untuk sarapan cuma campur susu rendah lemak, buah buahan atau juices.. shake & minum.. Settle! Badan dah dapat nutrisi lengkap untuk menghadapi tugas harian..
tolonglaaa jangan makan nasi lemak, roti canai atau nasi dagang setiap hari... kesian badan punyelah susah nak process & digest.. khasiat pun sgt sikit... tinggi calorie lemak gula semua. isk..
time muda ni lah kene start jaga badan.. before it is too late.. ='(
Don't cry over a spilt milk..
ni shake strawberry campur HL low fat milk.. nak rase best & ala2 nestum tabur crushed honey cornflakes.
siap within 5 minutes.. breakfast berkhasiat rendah calorie.. =)

mmg tak mampu nak mkn semua ni setiap hari kan..

Let's get healthy! =)

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

Wello welloo peeps..
Look how Herbalife has helped me to reduce weight, better skin & healthier!!

Most of all i feel happier with the new me & of course $$$!.. alhamdulillah..

Drained FAT around 5kg in 2 weeks!.. amazing result kannn!.. That's when i decided to become one of the amazing positive people in Herbalife.. an Independant Distributor & Personal Wellness coach.
Herbalife, No 1 and world class company in weight management and body wellness.
Why world class?? Hey, Christiano Ronaldo pun consume herbalife okey..

Product yg sgt best & sgt berkesan.. tp kene konsisten & disiplin.. take ur coach's advice seriously.
Yg best lagi, Herbalife only sponsor sportsmen & sports event like triathlon.. takde nye la nak sponsor retis or celebrity.. Dari sini kita dah boleh nmpk betapa bermutu, berkesan & 'world class' nye shake herbalife ni..

It has been in the world market for over than 30 years.. so long that it has build a very strong biz network & is listed in New York Stock Exchange board.. (proven company ni mmg sebuah company yg kukuh.)
Giler bangga aku ckp dgn org "I work with Herbalife".. haha.. oo yeessss.. =)
Lebih bangga dpd last job aku, walaupun sebuah bank yg terkenal tapi tak seInternational & kukuh & happy & positive mcm Herbalife.. Best of all, working hour is flexible.. I work whenever I want, whenever i can..
Kalau perlu, bawak lah anak2 aku yg masih kecik ni jmp customers.. tak ape, rezeki ada di mana2..
tapi, kalau tak usaha mmg susaaaah sgt nak nmpk hasil.. u still have to work hard to earn..

Yes, indeed Herbalife is an MLM.. we have a system, HALAL, yang tidak menindas atau pijak org bwh... bukan goyang kaki je, lagi tinggi level lagi byk kerja sbb these people kene meet volume points target.. Personal & team target. Kalau tahun ni tak requalify 'pangkat' diorg contohnye, they will lose sekelip mata all their downlines & there goes their income.. gone forever! tak boleh dpt balik.. kene start all over again as a distributor.. sbb tu personal retail & jaga downline penting, as well as attending events & bawa prospek baru.. u can only grow ur organisation this way..

USE the product, WEAR the product name & TALK about it, ur own testimonials, SHOW good results.. RECRUIT new people & DUPLICATE the same following the system.

Insyaallah, with effort & support from family, hubby especially, one day i will succeed in Herbalife..
I want to help more people to become healthier & if possible to help them to earn more money by joining me as my biz partner.. Herbalife is Simple, Fun & Magical.. But remember, takkan ada hasil selagi kita tak usaha.. kan?? 

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Anak beranak minum shake.. Nutrisi utk semua peringkat umur.
Nutritious shake for all ages..

Nutritious shake for you & baby!! what an amazing product!

Formulated by nutrition experts & world class doctors..

One of my customer reduced % body fat & almost 3kg in a week!.. wooow..

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“Your life does not get better by chance,
it gets better by change.” ~ Jim Rohn

see ya soon..

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Viral fever.. kesiaaan adik..

Wello welloo,
I'm quite sure time haze teruk haritu ramai yg tak sihat, sore throat, batuk, etc. Termasuklah I anak beranak.. my younger son was down with high fever. Buat blood test platlet count dropped below the minimum which was 132/150.. fever on off smp 40c..
Dah la that coming Saturday tu birthday party! 0_o

Let these pics describe the rest of the 4days 3nights journey at ampang puteri specialist hospital KL.

Warded bila temperature 40c & taknak mkn minum.. bibir dah pecah & berdarah..

Waiting & waiting nak cucuk masuk drip..

Missing his smile & laughter.. mommy burst into tears when nurses had to insert needle into your blood vessel but failed.. 5, 6 kali cucuk tak dpt.. sakiiiit anak mommy.. ='(
I promise next time if u ever gonna get anytg like this I will demand & only allow a doctor to perform it. No nurses! Sbb paediatrician buat sekali je dah masuk!!

Dah sihat sikit on 3rd day..

4th day.. im going hoooooome! Let's party!!

Cant wait to go home.. main dlm cupboard

Miau! ♥

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our food lover is 1 year old!.. =D

Wello haii..
A very hazy week kan.. sesak dada, sakit mata, sore throat,  mcm2 lagi... sakit hati pun ada jgk when all outdoors activities had to be cancelled due to the very unhealthy air.. root cause by Indonesia.. sigh.. I hope they've learnt a valuable lesson that burning crops for agriculture purposes is not a good idea, infact for me I shall say it is the most irresponsible act as it pollutes the air very badly.. neighboring countries kenelah jaga kan.. sampaikan tingkap rumah & sliding door pun kene tutup bila jerebu teruk sgt.. baju pun bau asap..

Okey, now back to my story as per the post title.. month of June is about to end, we finally came to another special date.. 25 June.. =) it's adik's birthday!!! Yippie yeay!! U've turned 1 baby... Alhamdulillah.. hubby decided to treat his family dgn sate.. beli sate sri melaka kat lembah keramat.. this is so far the best sate I've ever tasted. Much tastier than samuri.. tak caye? Try sendiri.. hehe..

Kitaorg dah planned a birthday party for both kiddos in July.. sbb abg nye birthday is on 25th July, which falls on ramadhan month.. so buat lah party awal for him & lewat sikit for adik.. nice kan birth date anak2 i.. sorg 25 June & sorg lagi 25 July.. =)

So here goes some pics on this special date.. 25 June.

Adik Muhammad Rayhan Rizqi bin Khairil, thank you for your cries & laughter. I become a better & wiser mom, although I admit that sometimes I was a bit 'over reacted' on matters which I could control.. alright, mommy has weaknesses hokkeyy.. that is why I always need daddy by my side.. ♥♥♥ love u so much adik!

On 25 June 2012 you came.. weighing 3.95kg, I felt an instant relieve on my back.. hehe.

12 a.m. sharp mommy update kat fb wishing u a very happy birthday.. =)

Makan2 sate @ inlaw's house.. mommy made a special pumpkin pudding for you adik.. yummeh!

Next is kiddos birthday party.. soooonn.. cant wait!! 

Miau ♥