Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our food lover is 1 year old!.. =D

Wello haii..
A very hazy week kan.. sesak dada, sakit mata, sore throat,  mcm2 lagi... sakit hati pun ada jgk when all outdoors activities had to be cancelled due to the very unhealthy air.. root cause by Indonesia.. sigh.. I hope they've learnt a valuable lesson that burning crops for agriculture purposes is not a good idea, infact for me I shall say it is the most irresponsible act as it pollutes the air very badly.. neighboring countries kenelah jaga kan.. sampaikan tingkap rumah & sliding door pun kene tutup bila jerebu teruk sgt.. baju pun bau asap..

Okey, now back to my story as per the post title.. month of June is about to end, we finally came to another special date.. 25 June.. =) it's adik's birthday!!! Yippie yeay!! U've turned 1 baby... Alhamdulillah.. hubby decided to treat his family dgn sate.. beli sate sri melaka kat lembah keramat.. this is so far the best sate I've ever tasted. Much tastier than samuri.. tak caye? Try sendiri.. hehe..

Kitaorg dah planned a birthday party for both kiddos in July.. sbb abg nye birthday is on 25th July, which falls on ramadhan month.. so buat lah party awal for him & lewat sikit for adik.. nice kan birth date anak2 i.. sorg 25 June & sorg lagi 25 July.. =)

So here goes some pics on this special date.. 25 June.

Adik Muhammad Rayhan Rizqi bin Khairil, thank you for your cries & laughter. I become a better & wiser mom, although I admit that sometimes I was a bit 'over reacted' on matters which I could control.. alright, mommy has weaknesses hokkeyy.. that is why I always need daddy by my side.. ♥♥♥ love u so much adik!

On 25 June 2012 you came.. weighing 3.95kg, I felt an instant relieve on my back.. hehe.

12 a.m. sharp mommy update kat fb wishing u a very happy birthday.. =)

Makan2 sate @ inlaw's house.. mommy made a special pumpkin pudding for you adik.. yummeh!

Next is kiddos birthday party.. soooonn.. cant wait!! 

Miau ♥

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Surprise Mommy! =D

Wello wello..
It's my birthday!.. on june 8th.. hehe.. dah seminggu lebih tapi baru terhegeh hegeh nk publish entry ni.. byk cerita utk dicerita tapi byk jgk masa yg ada utk perkara yg lebih penting dari berblog.. kan??
Berblog pada I taklah penting sgt dibandingkan dgn masa yg ada utk house chores & my tailoring biz.. all this while pun hanya 2, 3 entry yg I published using lappy.. the rest were published using handphone either in the middle of night tgh nk tido or multi tasking whenever possible..

Believe me, being a 'working at home mom-wahm' is actually a fun job.. (well, I don't consider myself as a 'staying at home mom-sahm'.. because I do work as a part time tailor).. living wif toddlers.. always up with something & messing around.. =) but, this is most mommies' dream job aite??? Hehe.. I got it! & im happy! =D

Okey, cerita on my birthday, hubby made a surprise.. that night he presented me a lovely bday card & a 'surprise' envelope.. What's in it?? A letter telling me to pack our clothes because we're going for a short getaway.. + a 5 star spa session for me.. weehoo! Dia mmg tau I suke sgt spa & body massage ni.. it's time to try out this place.. bestnyeee! =D
Thank you darling for taking care of the kids while mommy spent some me time pampering her body & mind in a very beautiful spa.. hik hik.. now, let these pics speak.....

Sembunyi Spa at Cyberview Resort & Spa..
Tak jauh mane pun dari KL... hehe..

Non official bday lunch... =D

More into my leather bags collection.. sgt gumbira!

And weeks after my birthday celebration, came a special sunday.. it's Father's Day!..
Happy Father's Day Sayang!
Miau ♥

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ringan tulang atau melambatkan kerja??..

HOlla peeps..
Been super bz these days.. byk benda boleh tulis tapi byk jgk yg lagi penting other than blogging, thus, I have to prioritise.. entry ni pun buat skjp smbil breakfast, tgn kanan mkn, tgn kiri pgg phone.. heheh..

Toddlers at home selalunye membantu atau melambatkan kerja??? =)
Pictures speak a thousand words. Well, let them speak then..

Alhamdulillah.. anak-anak bantu mommy kemas.. mereka jugalah yg bantu sepahkan toys.. kite diam & senyum ajelah.. =)

Miau ♥