Monday, April 29, 2013

my first post.. =)

Hi. Im kinda excited now, writing my very 1st post in my very 1st blog.. well, actually yg 2nd sbb 1st dulu more on my biz.. tapi half way, u know sometimes when u have to juggle between career, kids, ur own needs & biz, masa tu susah sgt nk ada.. time management tu sgt2 lah susah.. I ended up choosing career & family, takde byk mase utk benda lain..

Well, that was about 2 years ago. Read on, I'm gonna tell u a bit bout myself..

I ni rajin jgklah blog walk, suke bace2 posting blogger lain, kdg2 cerita sedih, kdg2 happy, sharing info & yg plg best ialah bila kite belajar sesuatu dari ape yg kite bace tu.. u know sometimes when u think u're small or having less of this that tapi bila bace ttg kepayahan org lain it makes us look back & think.. sentiasa bersyukur dgn apa yg ada.. & usaha lg utk jd lebih baik.. senang cerita lah 'count your blessing'..

Last year I decided to end my 'flourishing' career as a banker.. what I meant by 'flourishing' is that bosses had agreed to promote me, of course with better pay & semestinye work load berganda.. target quarterly pun RM puluh2 juta.. oohh.. bila tgk pipeline tiap2 hari berpinar je bijik mate ni.. sigh.. on top of that I was heavily preggy with my 2nd child.. lagi lah mood ke laut.. penat hokkey tiap2 hari drive sane sini meeting customer cari duit suruh diorg masok bank.. sgt happy bila meeting fruitful.. sgt sedih jgk bila kene reject kondem itu ini.. frustlah.. mase tu jgk dah dpt agak our daily maid yg jage our 1st child won't be available anymore to take care of our kids.. hmm..

Btw, i ni suke handcraft.. kalo bole semua nk buat, semua nk try.. especially sewing.. beli lah mesin jait, mesin jait tepi semua.. tapi bila mase tak byk terluang all are kept, covered nicely on the table.. geram aje tgk.. Hehe..
Well, after so many discussions wif hubby I decided to call it an end to my career. I have planned to start up an online biz, amik order jait baju kurung budak.. sambil tu belajar jait mcm2 lah dgn mak.. my mom is a super tailor k.. mcm2 dia bole jait.. even now, at 63yo she's making money out of her sewing skills.. bestkan!
Mase i brenti keje tu tgh ngandung 7 bulan, sakit pinggang duduk bgn menggunting menjahit, drive sane sini.. but I was so happy that I ended up received like 17 orders online.. suke! Dlm pantang 3 minggu I dah start sambung jait.. haha. Semua nk cpt sebab time tu bulan ramadhan.. nak raye.
Alhamdulillah.. rezeki.. that was when my brand Fluffy Ribbon was born too.. =) now actively on Facebook.
Ni lah one of the screen shot of my page.. hand made baby's head support pillow plg hot skrg.. hihi..
Silalah visit page cuci mate.. more plans on hand made babies' items.. tapi tunggu mase betul2 ada nti.. insyaallah..

Thank you hubby.. I am here now because u let me be.. thank you so much. I Love You Sayang.
Thank you kids.. mommy appreciate the times when u let me sew peacefully.. & I will always leave all behind whenever both of u need me.. I've learnt to prioritise the priorities.. family first.. needles & threads come later..


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