Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Labour day.. shopping day..

Labour day semua org coti.. as usual susah sikit nk lekat kat umah on publichol.. today's plan was supposed to go for groceries shopping at co.. (rayyan called it co referring to jusco au2).. tapi end up ke festival city mall for late lunch.. ayah was admitted ydy at hukm as his heart beat are beating faster than the normal beat rate.

Pagi dah ke co dulu beli biskut, air soya & sausage buns utk bg ayah time visit dia nti.. reached hukm around 11.45am.. tgk ayah mcm biaselah kaki swelling tapi dia cpt mengah skrg bila jln.. hmm.. nothing can be done on his foot tu.. sakit tua I guess.. don't know for how many days he'll be there,  hoping that he will get better & be back by weekend.. to cast his vote.. hehe..

As I'm really looking forward for our beach vacay on may 11th, I have actively searching swim nappy for both boys.. taknak beli disposable huggies tu.. dah 2 packs beli rase rugilah.. tapi swim nappy punye lah mahal. The cheapest I could get is rm43.. pastu pikir2 blk rayyan dah 50% potty trained.. he won't be poopooed in pool for sure.. kencing tu xkisah lah sgt.. hehe.. so we bought him briefs.. cantik! Sexy.. hehe.. bought him a new swim suit earlier at klcc.. yg lama adik dah muat.. weee! Adik is definitely growing up fast..

Otw blk hubby was so nice to drive me to the nearby business centre nak cari pìu pura bath & spa heaven.. sbb I dah plan byk kali dah nk retreat myself.. suke giler massage2 & spa ni keh.. masa aje susah nak ada.. selalu buat foot scrub kat Soho foot care je.. this time I found a good offer frm Groupon. . Hehe.. taknak miss IniKalilah.. mehehee.. Nti I buat entry spa ni bila dah pegi.. cant wait.!

Penat punye hal cancel lah plan to co au2.. so mlm dinner.. jeng jeng jeng...
Maggi kari letop yg sedap! Hihi.. I love him more everyday as he's not a picky eater.. alhamdulillah.


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