Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Viral fever.. kesiaaan adik..

Wello welloo,
I'm quite sure time haze teruk haritu ramai yg tak sihat, sore throat, batuk, etc. Termasuklah I anak beranak.. my younger son was down with high fever. Buat blood test platlet count dropped below the minimum which was 132/150.. fever on off smp 40c..
Dah la that coming Saturday tu birthday party! 0_o

Let these pics describe the rest of the 4days 3nights journey at ampang puteri specialist hospital KL.

Warded bila temperature 40c & taknak mkn minum.. bibir dah pecah & berdarah..

Waiting & waiting nak cucuk masuk drip..

Missing his smile & laughter.. mommy burst into tears when nurses had to insert needle into your blood vessel but failed.. 5, 6 kali cucuk tak dpt.. sakiiiit anak mommy.. ='(
I promise next time if u ever gonna get anytg like this I will demand & only allow a doctor to perform it. No nurses! Sbb paediatrician buat sekali je dah masuk!!

Dah sihat sikit on 3rd day..

4th day.. im going hoooooome! Let's party!!

Cant wait to go home.. main dlm cupboard

Miau! ♥


  1. saya ingin tuntut hadiah :)but , how to contact you? email?

    1. Hi Izyan!..
      Send mailing address to
      Dr blog mane ni?

    2. yg awak pernah singgah dan beritahu untuk tuntut hadiah :)


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