Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

Wello welloo peeps..
Look how Herbalife has helped me to reduce weight, better skin & healthier!!

Most of all i feel happier with the new me & of course $$$!.. alhamdulillah..

Drained FAT around 5kg in 2 weeks!.. amazing result kannn!.. That's when i decided to become one of the amazing positive people in Herbalife.. an Independant Distributor & Personal Wellness coach.
Herbalife, No 1 and world class company in weight management and body wellness.
Why world class?? Hey, Christiano Ronaldo pun consume herbalife okey..

Product yg sgt best & sgt berkesan.. tp kene konsisten & disiplin.. take ur coach's advice seriously.
Yg best lagi, Herbalife only sponsor sportsmen & sports event like triathlon.. takde nye la nak sponsor retis or celebrity.. Dari sini kita dah boleh nmpk betapa bermutu, berkesan & 'world class' nye shake herbalife ni..

It has been in the world market for over than 30 years.. so long that it has build a very strong biz network & is listed in New York Stock Exchange board.. (proven company ni mmg sebuah company yg kukuh.)
Giler bangga aku ckp dgn org "I work with Herbalife".. haha.. oo yeessss.. =)
Lebih bangga dpd last job aku, walaupun sebuah bank yg terkenal tapi tak seInternational & kukuh & happy & positive mcm Herbalife.. Best of all, working hour is flexible.. I work whenever I want, whenever i can..
Kalau perlu, bawak lah anak2 aku yg masih kecik ni jmp customers.. tak ape, rezeki ada di mana2..
tapi, kalau tak usaha mmg susaaaah sgt nak nmpk hasil.. u still have to work hard to earn..

Yes, indeed Herbalife is an MLM.. we have a system, HALAL, yang tidak menindas atau pijak org bwh... bukan goyang kaki je, lagi tinggi level lagi byk kerja sbb these people kene meet volume points target.. Personal & team target. Kalau tahun ni tak requalify 'pangkat' diorg contohnye, they will lose sekelip mata all their downlines & there goes their income.. gone forever! tak boleh dpt balik.. kene start all over again as a distributor.. sbb tu personal retail & jaga downline penting, as well as attending events & bawa prospek baru.. u can only grow ur organisation this way..

USE the product, WEAR the product name & TALK about it, ur own testimonials, SHOW good results.. RECRUIT new people & DUPLICATE the same following the system.

Insyaallah, with effort & support from family, hubby especially, one day i will succeed in Herbalife..
I want to help more people to become healthier & if possible to help them to earn more money by joining me as my biz partner.. Herbalife is Simple, Fun & Magical.. But remember, takkan ada hasil selagi kita tak usaha.. kan?? 

Free wellness evaluation, free samples & free coaching towards your welness goal.
Contact me Lydia @ 012 692 3316.
Check out Herbalife album in my fb page - lydsari

Anak beranak minum shake.. Nutrisi utk semua peringkat umur.
Nutritious shake for all ages..

Nutritious shake for you & baby!! what an amazing product!

Formulated by nutrition experts & world class doctors..

One of my customer reduced % body fat & almost 3kg in a week!.. wooow..

Get your free wellness evaluation & free samples NOW.

“Your life does not get better by chance,
it gets better by change.” ~ Jim Rohn

see ya soon..

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