Thursday, May 2, 2013

a year as a full time mommy & part time tailor. .

Alhamdulillah.. every thought goes to my hubby.. without him this won't be possible at all.. tq sayang.
The initial plan was to quit my current job & start an online biz, focusing on baby's & kids hand made items such as bedding set, dresses & baju kurung.. mcm2 lah plan lagi.. tgh sarat 7 bulan, ulang alik dari wangsa maju, cheras nak belajar menjahit baju kurung budak dgn mak.. she was in cheras once a while kat rumah my sis & kdg2 tu I drove all the way to klang.. very tiring & back aching.. sakit pinggang duduk bangun the whole day.. nk belajar kenelah tahan.. igt lagi first day pagi2 nk drive pegi cheras tu hubby ckp 'belajar betul2, buat elok2'.. hehe.. blessing from husband is very important ya.. ♥ one of my plan is to make money from my sewing skills.. time tu nk dkt ramadhan, soon syawal.. I started taking orders online jahit baju kurung budak..

Kinda nervous for the first few baju kurung.. alhamdulillah,  byk jgk order masuk.. sampai tak tido mlm, sampai subuh menjait.. kdg2 kalau weekend hubby pun tak tido, dia buat lah ape2 just to accompany me & to show his endless support.. oohh, how nice.. tq so much hubby.. ♥

Adik Rayhan mase tu baru umur sebulan dua, I juggled between my sewing thingy, house chores sikit2 like laundry & taking care of him.. kalau dia tak tidur tu mmg tergendala lah kerja.. that was at the beginning of bulan puasa.. our daily maid still ada kat rumah my mil taking care of abg Rayyan.. so most of my time is only for baby Rayhan.. when things turned out totally different than what I've planned, mmg miserable jgklah.. but, the patience I've got from hubby was precious.. accept the fact that I can't be all out for my biz but to devote my time utk anak2.. now that's challenging taking care 2 kids, house chores, masak.. maidless.. haih.. ok, now dah biase, senang jeee (mcm Rayyan selalu ckp).. & im loving it..


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